Brands that we proudly represent

UMCL is active in the major segments of construction, road building, derocking, mining, power solutions and reliable parts supply with the following partners who have placed their trust in our dedicated Team of sales and service engineers.

We want to be your One-Stop-Shop for all equipment requirements you may have.



Hitachi produces the widest range of hydraulic excavators in the world, ranging from one ton mini-excavators to 800 ton mining excavators. Every single model delivers a smooth and productive performance, and is comfortable, safe and reliable. In addition to excavators, HCME also supplies wheel loaders, rigid dump trucks and other construction equipment for special applications. All Hitachi products are renowned for high quality, advanced technology and reliability. All Hitachi equipment proposed by UMCL are 100% manufactured in Japan.

Our team of experts ensures that your Hitachi machine gives you unrivalled uptime by proposing out-of-the box service solutions and spare parts availability. Repairs can also be carried out on-site by our qualified service peoplewheneverand wherever you need us.


Hitachi offers a wide range of reliable equipment & attachments for general construction work. From our well-known hydraulic excavators to mini excavators, wheel loaders, factory modified excavators, and various attachments, we offer only the highest quality equipment

Hitachi provides a wide range of construction equipment and attachments for numerous sites and tasks and continually expand our product line. Hitachi has a tradition of pioneering excellence. We built the first hydraulic excavator in Japan that exclusively used Japanese technology, and that tradition of advanced engineering has stayed with us. We are always responding to our customer's requirements and develop new technology to accommodate and even wider range of applications. Recent models incorporate computerized hydraulic control systems, energy saving measures and other high performance features enabling more efficient and comfortable operation. In addition, much of our equipment is low noise, low vibration and low emission, making it more environmentally friendly.

Hitachi puts reliability and controllability first. Even as we continue to develop equipment for new applications, we ensure that we manufacture total reliability. Since we base new designs on outstanding and dependable equipment like our hydraulic excavators, our newest products can be trusted to continue the Hitachi tradition of engineering excellence.


Hitachi large and ultra-large excavators, from the ZX470 to the EX8000, are renowned in mines and quarries throughout the world for high productivity and durability, low operating costs, excellent fuel efficiency and low maintenance requirements. They have been developed with decades of experience and are among the leading brands in the industry.

The ideal partner for Hitachi large excavators, Hitachi rigid dump trucks offer similar benefits in terms of reliability and productivity. Several of the models incorporate AC drive technology, which further enhances their performance and efficiency. Such innovations are enabling Hitachi to establish itself as a leading manufacturer of large rigid dump trucks.

Since the introduction of the Hitachi UH801 mining shovel in 1979, more than 400 mining excavators over 150 tons have been delivered to all parts of the world. Today, Hitachi mining excavators are one of the strongest brand names in the mining industry.

Why choose Hitachi? There are at least five reasons and benefits:
• High Availability
• Low Operating Costs
• Better Fuel Economy
• Better Flexibility
• Lower Maintenance Requirements


Hitachi produces a comprehensive range of demolition excavators suitable for challenging projects in which safety is a key concern. The ZX250 to ZX870 models deliver the same levels of productivity, reliability and comfort as all Hitachi excavators, but they can also be equipped with additional features, such as guards to protect the cab and undercarriage from falling debris and demolished materials. Hitachi demolition excavators can be fitted with a mono, two- or three-piece boom and have a working height of up to 40m.



Sanko Makina, the owner of "MST" registered trademark, is a subsidiary of Sanko Holding which is one of the biggest holdings in Turkey having more than 14,000 employees, has entered into construction machinery sector in 1999 as an exclusive dealer of several global brands in Turkey. MST backhoe loaders have reached very successful results in the local market in a short time and following this success, had decided to be a construction machinery manufacturer aiming both export and local markets.

In 2003, as a result of the new investment decisions, the oldest well-known, local backhoe loader manufacturer of Turkey was acquired by Sanko Holding. This local manufacturer which was founded in 1976, at that time the production had started with the hydraulic equipments attached onto tractors and then by using this technical background first backhoe loader of Turkey had been developed in mid 1980`s. Following this acquisiton, the production technology and knowhow had been renewed with the new investments and been reached a world standard level.

Meanwhile Sanko Holding continued to invest on MST by starting to build a new factory in Gaziantep city in 2004 and the new series of backhoe loaders appeared at the end of 2005. By the beginning of 2006 the first telehandler of Turkey had been produced in the same factory which has been using the latest production technology in 500.000 m2 open and 42.000 m2 closed production area with more than 300 employees. Now the production capacity has reached 5.000 units of backhoe loaders and telehandlers per year.

Today MST backhoe loaders and telehandlers which are currently exported to European, Asian and African countries. The big demand towards MST machines from all around the world occurs the expectation of having dealership in more than forty countries covering five continents in near future.



Wirtgen GmbH offers a full range of mobile machines and high-quality services on everything relating to road construction. In their Windhagen headquarters, Wirtgen engineers develop products and technologies for cold milling, soil stabilization, cold recycling, hot recycling, concrete paving and surface mining. Over 60 machine models in Wirtgen’s comprehensive product divisions are manufactured in accordance with state-of-the-art production methods.

Owing to its long-standing experience and high degree of innovation, Wirtgen GmbH is the market leader worldwide in the cold milling machine business. Our unique offer of 17 machine models satisfies any requirements our customers may have.

We are always listening in on what’s happening on job sites around the world. Our applications specialists regularly talk to customers worldwide about the challenges and requirements they encounter in their everyday work. These then form the basis of our solutions and products that will ensure your success.



Hamm offers a wide range of products for all aspects of soil and road compaction, utilizing leading machine and compaction technology. Along with the technical requirements, ergonomic design and simple operation are prime concerns. Focus is on features such as the degree of innovation, functionality, ergonomic design, safety, durability, finish and environmental sustainability. Design thus chiefly focuses on a high serviceability.

HAMM finds a perfect balance of technology and ergonomic design.

The Hamm plant is located in Tirschenreuth, some two hours’ drive from Munich. More than 750 people work here. The products developed here not only display a high functionality and cost-efficiency, but also have an attractive futuristic design typical of Hamm products.

For many years, design and reliability have been an essential element of product development at HAMM. And this is one of the reasons why HAMM is continually able to launch innovative machines and concepts on the market whose user-friendly design ensures top productivity,unbeatable reliability & uptime at a very competitive price.

The oscillation system developed by Hamm is not based on complicated mechanical rule mechanisms, but uses alone in an intelligent way the physical laws. Depending upon material rigidity of the underground thereby the amplitude value adapts automatically. That means the amplitude is reduced continuously according to the rising soil rigidity. As the amplitude reduces accordingly, the performance transferred to the soil rises itself...

An optimum at compaction quality
This innovative technology allows the Hamm oscillation rollers practically immediately - within 10 milliseconds - to adjust to changed soil conditions. This corresponds to a distance covered by the roller of only approx. 1 cm. Through those continuously working static load and the changing dynamic shearing stresses in the material, a faster, better and more careful compaction takes place.

Oscillation on all job sites
On all bitumen job sites – from the smallest surface, brides, multi-storey car parks up to highways – the oscillation shows its performance and clear advantages. The oscillating movement in combination with the permanent static load of the drum guarantee a fast increase of compaction paired with very homogeneous compaction and good surface roughness. The sub base remains thereby preserved.

Compaction on bridges becomes just now possible
Oscillation rollers are particularly demanded for bridges. They allow high compaction performance and produce no damaging vibrations. Just on such buildings the bitumen cools down faster by the sea breeze. That is no problem for the oscillation because with oscillation it is possible to work on even lower bitumen temperatures.

Good compaction on joints
At the joint between two driving lanes, e.g. with the renewal of a lane, the oscillation avoids a damage of the other already finished i.e. compacted and cooled down roadway. Also transverse travels are easily possible – there is no danger at any time for the road surface.

More flexibility with the Asphalt temperature
Compaction works are only possible within a certain temperature range, depending on the kind of the used bitumen. Starting from a certain temperature the vibration cannot be used any more, it then develops tear or other damage. With oscillation the temperature range is widened around nearly 20%, i.e. the oscillation roller can still continue to work and ensures therefore a higher flexibility on the job site.



Kleemann GmbH is a member company of the Wirtgen Group, an expanding and international group of companies doing business in the construction equipment industry. The group includes the five well-known brands Wirtgen, Vögele, Hamm, Kleemann and Benninghoven with their headquarters in Germany. Worldwide customer support is provided by 55 own sales and service companies.

Kleemann GmbH looks back on a history of over 150 years. The first mobile crusher and screen plants were already in operation in the 1920s. Since the mid 1960s, the company as a whole has been concentrating its efforts more and more on the construction of stationary crushing and screening plants and in the mid 1980s was one of the pioneers in the construction of track mounted mobile equipment.

Crushing and screening plants from Kleemann GmbH are characterized by their excellent customer benefits. The decisive elements for success such as technology, innovation, quality and service combine to make Kleemann like no other company. Its decade-long competence in the construction of stationary plants ensures an excellent position on the market for mobile plants. The plants are distinguished mainly by their sophisticated and detailed solutions which keep constant track of the entire process. A mobile plant is only as good as the sum of its individual parts. What is important, however, is how these individual parts work together. And whoever controls these parts correctly can positively influence the overall performance of the plant in the long-term by means of specific innovation at the right place.

Due to its decades of experience in stationary and mobile plant construction, Kleemann has been, and continues to be, responsible time and again for groundbreaking innovation. Take, for example, the extremely effective primary screening using active double-deck heavy-dutyl screens. Or drive concepts perfectly geared towards their respective operation. This is how, in the end, our plants perform that bit better. And that is what really counts.



With 17 road pavers, eight screeds in various compaction versions, two feeders and various special machines, the market leader VÖGELE supplies a seamless range of products with innovative machines for road construction, paving from 50cm wide up to 16m. VÖGELE stands for top quality products and services.

The world of VÖGELE is a world of quality. We offer our customers top quality in every product and every service – that is our pledge.

Let us explain how we deliver on that pledge:
• With machines built to the highest standards.
• With sophisticated innovations and a range of products that leaves nothing to be desired.
• With competent and highly qualified employees.
• With technology that not only delivers perfect results but is also particularly easy to use.

In this way, we give our customers a decisive edge on the competitors. With the know-how and experience of the world market leader for road pavers, we enable you to achieve outstanding paving results everywhere and at all times. After all, anyone aiming to be the Number 1 cannot settle for anything Knowing you can rely on the paver totally and utterly, even in extreme conditions, is a fantastic feeling. Everywhere in the world and in all conditions, no matter what kind of job is called for: VÖGELE machines always work. That is what VÖGELE stand for, offering all the decades of experience of a German machine construction company. The technicians, engineers and fitters working for VÖGELE are professionals with a great deal of in-depth experience and even more know-how. See for yourself how they design, build and test machines in the world’s most modern factory for road pavers, machines whose top quality have made VÖGELE famous throughout the world.


We make our customers successful with innovative machinery and solutions. Being the No. 1 when it comes to innovations is, therefore, one of the guiding principles of our business activities. This applies equally to paving thin, low-noise layers with the VÖGELE SprayJet technology and to the “hot on hot“ paving method using InLine Pave®. NAVITRONIC Plus®, our unique system for 3D machine control and ErgoPlus®, the operating system for road pavers which is extremely easy to learn also demonstrate that the VÖGELE brand stands for power of innovation like no other manufacturer of road paving equipment.


A complete product portfolio with 17 road pavers, 8 screeds and various special-purpose machines establishes the basis for us to be able to cater to our customers’ needs, wherever in the world they might be. In this respect, our entire range of products is highly advanced and characterized by maximum reliability. VÖGELE pavers are the technological highlight in every machine pool.


Here at VÖGELE, we concentrate exclusively on road pavers, screeds and feeders. With no ifs or buts. As “the specialists” in sub-base construction and in paving base and wearing courses, we always are a competent partner and consultant to our customers. Decades of experience in development, production, sales and service give us an extraordinary advantage when it comes to know-how. And it is this advantage that we want to pass on to our customers.

Focus on Operators

Even the best machine with the most advanced technology can only really show its strengths if it can be operated easily and as intuitively as possible. This is why developing a concept for paver handling that focuses on the operator is of special importance to us. With ErgoPlus®, our innovative operating system, customers may rest assured that working with VÖGELE pavers means ease of operation and safety. And a big advantage: anybody who ever worked with ErgoPlus® will easily be familiar with any other VÖGELE paver as well, be it a small or large one.



Benninghoven GmbH & Co. KG is a member company of the Wirtgen Group, an internationally active group of companies in the construction equipment industry. The group comprises the five renowned brands Wirtgen, Vögele, Hamm, Kleemann and Benninghoven, all headquartered in Germany. With over 55 subsidiaries of our own and more than 150 selected dealers, we fulfil our pledge to be "close to our customers" all around the world.

For us, this means far more than simply selling plants. We are committed to serving our customers with professional advice on applications, an unrivalled spare parts service and reliable local service directly on site. Keeping close to the customer in every respect is a top priority for us. This is why we maintain direct and close contact with our customers in all relevant markets.

The right asphalt mixing plant for every kind of mix

Whether you‘re looking for a standard or a customized solution, Benninghoven asphalt mixing plants have a vast range of configuration options. We can supply the ideal plant to cater to the requirements of any market. Mobile or stationary and with capacities between 80 and 450 t/h – all Benninghoven plants have one thing in common: they are renowned for their optimum mix quality worldwide

We are specialists for asphalt mixing plants and have been working in this business sector since the 1960s. It started in 1909 with the construction of gear wheels and special machines and culminates today in technology leadership for asphalt mixing plants in Europe.



ESCO is a well-known and reliable wear part system for all applications in the construction and mining industry. Its reliable and robust design has made ESCO a success all over the world.

ESCO provides wear solutions for mining, infrastructure development and other challenging industrial wear applications. ESCO products include Ground Engaging Tools (GET), buckets, truck bodies, underground mining drums, crusher parts, scrap recycling hammers, and dragline rigging.

Esco being a world leader in the manufacturing of wear parts, has the technical means and necessary know-how to construct the complicated parts which equip mining machinery up to 800 tons. When you fit out your equipment with an Esco system, you know you have chosen highly productive equipment adapted to even the harshest of working conditions. UMPL, in partnership with Esco, offers you a full range of teeth and bucket protection systems.



Official distributer for Berco, UMPL can offer the best quality on the market for all machines from 1.5 to 400 tons. We have more than 11000 chain references and over 5000 shoe configurations; just choose your steel undercarriage components, as well as your linked endless chains, and take rapid delivery. Also specializing in small and medium machines, UMPL can also supply rubber tracks for all excavator models.

Berco engineers and technicians use computer-assisted design systems with latest generation programs. The use of solid modelling and FEM (Finite Element Modelling) analysis makes it possible to design, test and evaluate each element before producing it, and the rapid prototyping system allows the engineers to optimize a design before utilizing precious production equipment resources. In addition, huge resource is dedicated to the development of new materials and the refinement of heat treatment processes, in order to guarantee better, longer lasting products

We supply complete units, composed of a single forged steel chain, leak-proof, to be greased or pre-lubricated depending on the applications chosen in order to limit wear, noise and consumption.

To this base we add the tracks and other components needed for the machine’s mobility. UMPL offers a very high quality range in forged steel from BERCO®, good value for money and adapted to site & market demand.

• chains
• upper and lower rollers
• idlers
• chain wheels
• segments
• links
• shoes

All this makes Berco a supplier with a level of reliability and skill that clearly distinguishes them from other systems integrators, who merely find general components on the market and ‘put them together’.



UMPL has partnered with the world’s leader in rubber tracks to meet your needs and offer you the best quality. BRIDGESTONE ® rubber tracks are used by 75% of new machine manufacturers and guarantee excellent performance, reliability and durability. 100% of the tracks undergo a complete quality control check and are designed following the machines’manufacturers specifications. Different technologies are available, to choose from depending on your work sitesto give a perfect balance between traction and comfort, while causing a minimum of damage to the ground. Thanks to our large choice of references, UMPLexperts will help you find the best track to your application and budget.



Costex Tractor Parts CTP® is a worldwide quality supplier of new replacement parts for Caterpillar® Equipment. Through UMPL, we not only offer you premium parts but also an exceptional service, outstanding savings and the support you need to get your order quickly and accurately.

With CTP, our focus is to provide you with great quality parts at a good value. Our new replacement parts undergo strenuous and strict inspection procedures to ensure the quality of our product. We are committed to a basic principle: Quality with Value Guaranteed. The product presentation is just as important as the product inside which comes with one of the best warranties in the industry. The CTP brand comes on each and every box, therefore you can be rest assured that our whole team is behind you every step of the way.

At CTP, we pride ourselves in providing high quality parts and substantial savings to all our customers. In order to assure the best quality possible, we manufacture and have assembly lines to produce gaskets, gasket kits, engine kits and even hardware in our Miami Headquarter facilities.

The ability to maintain and keep your machine running with minimal downtime is crucial in this industry. For this reason, our team of certified diesel mechanics develop and assemble all engine kits to keep your machine running properly. Some of the Engine Kits we manufacture are as follows:

•Piston Kits
•Liner Kits
•Connecting Rod Kits
•Loaded Cylinder Heads
•Inframe Overhaul Kits
•Premium Overhaul Kits
•Short, medium and Long Blocks
•Complete engines

Gaskets are produced from high quality and durable Interface® materials that are environmentally friendly, free of solvents and asbestos. With thousands of die cut models and a team of engineers constantly developing more, CTP is able to produce and stock the vast majority of gaskets available in the market. With an array of different paper, cork and metal gasket materials, we can produce any gasket for any application with the precision tools that will assure a perfect fit in your machine.

CTP develops, manufactures, and stocks the complete line of seals and gaskets that are assembled into kits in our facilities. Anything from a single seal to an ABC Gasket kit, we carefully research and develop all the components needed for your repair. If you need a kit that we do not have in stock, it can be assembled within 2 days of the order date.

From nuts to bolts and everything in between, CTP can produce any size hardware. Our state-of-the-art shop consists of a CNC turning and Machine Center, a stud-cutting machine and a milling machine that allow us to manufacture each part to the exact dimensions. Whether is an American Standard or a Metric system, we follow the SAE (Society of American Engineers) and the DIN (German Norms) strength specifications to ensure top quality of our products.

We stand behind a great service and a quality part. We also specialize in the manufacturing of many different parts and components. Bearings, belts, electrical motors, cartridges and more are just some of the many components we produce at CTP. Our Quality with Value philosophy has made us evolve into a trustworthy brand that customers have come to respect and demand on their machines. For this reason, our Research and Development Team is constantly developing and improving new parts that are made of only the highest quality materials and manufactured to CTP specifications. We work using the best technology giving us a competitive edge in a price sensitive market With over 50 years of technical experience in the heavy equipment parts industry, our confidence in the quality we produce is evident from the first step of the development process to the moment it is installed in your machine and beyond (see our full warranty).

At CTP we focus on 15 product lines: Engine components, Fuel system, Seal and Gaskets, Hardware, Filtration, Frame & Body, Undercarriage, Powertrain, Cooling system, Electrical parts, Braking and Steering system, Hydraulic system, Ground and Work engaging tools, Rubber tracks and Accessories. We constantly listen to our customers’ needs and based on their suggestions we also create and develop new product lines.



The Company was originally established in 1911, when Richard Padley formed his small but ambitious “R. Padley Company”, producing high quality handtools. Several years later, he joined forces with Thomas Venables, which led to the foundation of Padley &Venables Ltd in 1920. In the 1960s, the Company became a division of Tarmac and then acquired the Bedford Rolling Mill in 1970. This integrated Group then joined the Gardner Denver Corporation in 1972 and was acquired by its current owner, Brunner & Lay in 1993.

Over the last 100 years, Padley &Venables has been responsible for many innovations in the Rock Drilling Industry, being originators and patent holders on numerous products and production processes. The development of Percussive Button Bits during the mid-1960s cemented P&V’s place as a leading innovator in its field. The establishment of Europe’s first facility for the overall carburisation of Drill Rods and the origination of Male/Female Rods are further examples of the Company’s innovative thinking.

All our tools are manufactured from specially selected steel specifications, developed through a rigorous programme of research and development. They are then heat treated in our modern facility to create the hardness, impact strength and durability required to combat the most arduous conditions experienced in Demolition, Trenching, Road Construction, Quarrying and Mining. With two UK based manufacturing facilities, subsidiary operations in Germany and Australia and an international dealer network in more than 50 countries throughout the World, and UMPL in Mauritius we are proud of our reputation for product development and quality. Why not get in touch with us and tell us about you, your needs and how you would like us to help you.



Cummins Filtration began in 1958 as a single filter production line developed by Cummins Engine Company to meet the high performance requirements of Cummins diesel engines.

From the beginning of its history, Fleetguard has led the industry with product innovations designed to increase vehicle uptime and driver comfort, reduce environmental damage, and provide longer life for equipment to protect the owner's investment. Today as the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of filtration, coolant and fuel additive technology for all engine powered systems, Cummins Filtration and our industry-leading Fleetguard products provide the best protection available.

Today, Cummins Filtration holds over 200 active global patents for product technology. Recent innovations include the Centriguard™ centrifugal filtration system; Enviroguard™ open crankcase ventilation system; OptiAir™ air filtration system with disposable parts; our user-friendly lube and hydraulic filters made of advanced composite polymers; and much more.



Cummins is a global power leader that designs, manufactures, sells and services diesel engines and related technology around the world. Cummins serves its customers through its network of 600 company-owned and independent distributor facilities and more than 7,200 dealer locations in over 190 countries and territories.

Cummins Inc. is organized into four distinct but complementary business units:

Cummins Engine Business manufactures and markets a complete line of diesel and natural gas-powered engines for on-highway and off-highway use. Its markets include heavy-and medium-duty truck, bus, recreational vehicle (RV), light-duty automotive and a number of industrial uses including agricultural, construction, mining marine, oil and gas and military equipment. Cummins Engine Business also provides a full range of new parts and services and remanufactured parts and engines through an extensive distribution network.

Cummins Power Generation Business is a global provider of power generation systems, components and services in standby power, distributed power generation, as well as auxiliary power in mobile applications to meet the needs of a diversified customer base. Cummins Power Generation also provides a full range of services and solutions, including long-term operation and maintenance contracts and turnkey and temporary power solutions. Cummins Power Generation products include diesel and alternative-fueled electrical generator sets from 2.5 to 2,700 kW, alternators from 0.6 KVA to 30,000 KVA, transfer switches from 40 amps to 3,000 amps, paralleling switchgear and generator set controls.

The Components Business Segment consists of four businesses: Cummins Filtration, Cummins Turbo Technologies, Cummins Emission Solutions and Cummins Fuel Systems.

• Cummins Filtration designs, manufactures and distributes heavy-duty air, fuel, hydraulic and lube filtration, chemicals and exhaust system technology products for diesel and gas-powered equipment.
•Cummins Turbo Technologies designs and manufactures turbochargers and related products, on a global scale, for diesel engines above 3 liters.
• Cummins Emission Solutions is a global leader in designing, manufacturing and integrating exhaust aftertreatment technology and solutions for the commercial on and off-highway light-duty, medium-duty, heavy-duty and high-horsepower engine markets. Dedicated to innovation and dependability in meeting global emission regulations, Cummins Emission Solutions develops and produces various emission solutions designed to meet the highest emissions standards worldwide
• Cummins Fuel Systems designs, develops and manufactures new fuel systems and remanufactures electronic control modules in the United States. In Mexico, it remanufactures Cummins fuel systems and others. This business services engines ranging from 9 to 78 liters.

Cummins Distribution Business drives a comprehensive global distribution strategy and channel management. Capitalizing on synergies in parts and services, this business helps Cummins by providing outstanding support to our customers, while growing a less cyclical and less capital intensive business.